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Steel Grating Supplier China

Some Years of Providing of Steel Grating Supplier China

As a steel grating supplier, we carry perforated metal grating products, including bar grating, expanded metal, and walkway grating, with common accessories. Steel grating is a grid of bars running in parallel attached together to perpendicular bars, usually welded. As a bar grating supplier, we offer black and galvanized steel bar grating for a wide range of industries. Some applications include flooring, carwalks, stairs, platforms and many more.

Steel Grating Supplier China Product Description

Steel grating has three kinds of steel gratings, they are Plain Style Steel Grating, Serrated Style Steel Grating and I Bar Type Steel Grating. They are widely used in steel structure platforms, stair treads, sidewalks, drainages and well covers etc. We can design and manufacture standard steel grating and in customized shapes per client’s requirements. As a trusted supplier, we commit to establish a close and long-term relationship with our customers in China and global regions.

Steel Grating Supplier China Advantages

Steel grating include gratings, stainless steel grating, composite steel grating, stair treads, trench cover, gully grating, fence grating, and more. Steel gratings are applied to different fields. First, they are used as platforms in the electric power, chemical, and smelting steel structure industry, also in oil, gas, and boiler equipment. Second, steel gratings can also be used as drainage in municipal and port projects. Then they are used as ceilings in cigarette factories. Lastly, it is used as an aisle in sewage treatment plants, large parking lots, and car washing. To sum things up, our products can be used in many different industry construction projects.

Professional Manufacturers of Steel Gratings Supplier China

Steel grating equipment range from advanced grating production to surface treatment, such as welding machine, grating disc cutting machine, automatic robot welding machine, stamp coders, strip slitting machine, pickling and galvanized equipment and facing the global market to sell the high-quality steel gratings.